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Mixed media

Being an educator and playing with children for more than 25 years has slowly transformed my own personal expression. The joy of play has slowly led me to a much more colorful artistic destination than my previous mostly B/W periods. Gradually a light-hearted naivety has emerged and my inner child was enjoying it the most. Nonetheless, for the development of my current art style a significant "culprit" has been my experimentation with marbling inks on canvas that started in 2012.

With marbling I came to absolutely adore the feeling of flowing freshness as water collaborates with me while I dip my canvases. Indeed, I consider water as a partner, thus my artistic nick name 'Aqualia'. 

I became deeply influenced by Suminagashi artists and I have used marbling on canvas in order to capture a unique moment in time, a freeze frame of a continuous life force colorful movement. My whole soul resonates with this process. I am thrilled to use this multi-sensory technique to explore the infinite possibilities that the marbling process has given me as each print is unique like a fingerprint. For the first two series of my work the print it self has been the beginning of my inspiration. 
Different hues, textures and shapes lead the show as I 'release' my self by combining other media like acrylics, sharpies, balsa, mirrors, strings, metal elements, objects from nature, in order to develop each artwork. It takes several days to develop each layer of an artwork. 

In latest years my research and experimentation led me from the free flow prints of Suminagashi to the divine art of Ebru that has been adored and developed in Turkey for more than 900 years. Luck and intuition led me to Istanbul were I was lucky enough to be trained in Ebru art and marbling on paper by the world renowned Ebru master, Garip Ay.

I feel that the artworks I do are therapeutic mostly for my self and hopefully for other people who might resonate with my representations. There is a continuous narrative inviting for interaction, a call to resonate with you, the viewer, on a deep, subconscious level. Dealing with disability, sickness and loss both as a family caregiver and as a professional for almost 40 years, my imagery serves me as a quantum leap of faith in the high realms of infinity. I create Inscapes wishing to turn scars into light, ephemeral into eternal, failed words into voice... 

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