The Artist

Lia Kaderoglou, artistically known as Aqualia, was born in Athens in 1967 and since 1999 lives and works as a visual artist and special needs educator in Thessaloniki. With postgraduate degrees in Special Needs - Inclusive education and Counselling from Manchester and Strathclyde Universities – U.K. she focuses on using art as a healing process. 

Regarding art, she has took lessons on oil and charcoal painting beside J. Triantafyllou and G. Kornarakis and attended summer courses on art therapy at Crawford College of Cork Institute of Art & Design in Ireland. While she has been experimenting for years on Suminagashi technique, she then met the world renowned Ebru master, Garip Ay and was introduced in Ebru technique which she studied beside him in Istanbul.

Aqualia is working for the evolution of the ancient techniques of the Silk Route, Ebru and Suminagashi ( painting on the surface of water). She uses inks on canvas or paper combined with mixed media and painting with acrylics. She has introduced Ebru technique on transparencies with mixed media. Her interest lies at integrating Ebru and Suminagashi in the contemporary art world.

Aqualia has exhibited in three solo shows under the auspices of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and Trikala and has taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Greece, Turkey, France and Austria. Her artworks belong in public and private collections.

Beside her artistic presence, she has published numerous articles and chapters in reference books on Special Needs Education in Greece and USA. As a journalist, member of EDSTE, she is writing articles on accessible tourism and produces radio shows at StarClassic Radio.

Aqualia also exhibits online: Aqualia's Art
and works on commission.

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